Navigating COVID-19 - a message from our founder and CEO

Carl Johnson covid-19 message from our founder and CEO

Dear Nerd Bakery Customers, 

This year has been a roller coaster ride, to say the least. Every day has been a challenge. From having to cut employee hours, to dealing with worldwide glass, dry ice, and raw ingredients shortages like Madagascar vanilla beans we import. On top of that, shipping costs have increased. All these things make things very interesting if you're running a small business. As the owner, my biggest concern is always for my customers and employees. To be completely transparent, my thought is always - how do we navigate all these challenges while making sure our customers and employees are safe, orders go out and customer service stays high. I will admit, at times it's hard. I talk to customers and other businesses every day and see first hand how much pain this crisis has caused. I have no words to describe the feeling. 

At Nerd Bakery we will continue to move forward and learn ways to work with what appears to be the new normal. We are a small business. We don't have investors. Instead, we have you, our customers. We appreciate your business and patents and we will work hard to make sure we provide the best product and customer service possible. 

Please take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your community. I know that we’re going to get through this, one day at a time. 




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