The Trade-off of the Season: Mixing Our Syrups to Make Drinks Without Alcohol

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The Trade-off of the Season: Mixing Our Syrups to Make Drinks Without Alcohol

Anyone can make an alcoholic drink by using an assortment of cheap ingredients. But it takes real time, class, and craft to make a delectable non-alcoholic drink. The recent surge in the sober bars is a trend that is here to stay. These bars were initially launched to counteract substance abuse at a larger scale. However, as time progressed, marketers started incorporating these as a part of the wellness revolution. The rest, as they say, is history.

Developing a retinue of non-alcoholic drinks is your ticket to success in this era of re-aligned priorities. How will you make your lasting impression a business and casual host in this era? We have all the answers for you!

Here are 5 amazing non-alcoholic drinks that keep guests and customers coming back for more:

  •         Pomegranate Mojito: This cocktail is all you need to get the party started. In a tall glass jug, add equal parts lemonade, Small Batch Classic Simple Syrup and freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Pour this into a petit cocktail glass. For the garnish: Grind mint and lemon slices lightly in a mortar and pestle till a summery fragrance wafts in the air. Add pomegranate seeds to your ice tray and serve your drinks cold with these pomegranate ice cubes. This will surely kick things up a notch.
  •         Virgin Cranberry Basil Sangria: Depend on this drink if satisfying wine lovers is your ultimate goal. Combine cranberry juice, seltzer and seasonal fruits (think raspberries, rosemary, green apple, and orange slices) in a large pitcher. Mix in a teaspoon of Small Batch Classic Ginger Syrup to include the spice flavor that this sangria desperately needs. This drink, when garnished with a hint of basil, is a hit with the ladies.
  •         Floral Mint Sparkle: You will just need elderflower cordial, mint leaves, apple juice and Small Batch Classic Mint Syrup. Mix all these ingredients together and pour into a pre-chilled flask. Pour some more sparkling water again right before consumption and you are good to go!
  •         Strawberry Dalgona: Why should coffee have all the fun when it comes to dalgona? Combine a cup of strawberry milk and heavy cream in a small bowl. Whisk the mixture by hand or an electric blender until you see stiff peaks. Add some ice cubes to a tall glass and pour milk into it. Top the milk with the strawberry whipped cream and frozen strawberries. Use Small Batch Wild Strawberry Syrup to provide the intense sweet taste of fresh strawberries to strawberry milk.
  •         Tropical Fizz: We saved the best for the last. Add kiwi, apple, and strawberry slices to a jug. Fill it with sparkling apple juice, soda water and tropical fruit juice in a 1:1:2 ratio. Top it with two tablespoons of Small Batch Madagascar Vanilla Syrup. Fans of fruity and fizzy drinks will be won over at one go with this beauty.

The essence of a party does not have to be boiled down to intoxication. Taste and flavor will reel your customer base in, and your hospitality will make them stay in the long run. Cheers!

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