How to Use Our Small Batch Classic Lavender Syrup In All Seasons And Moods

Carl Johnson

Our Small Batch Classic Lavender Syrup can be used in baking cakes and cookies, as well as in mocktails, cocktails and lemonades. Lavenders have a floral, herbaceous and light taste that would remind you of the spring and summer times. Keep reading to discover some really creative ways of incorporating this fragrant herb into your recipes.

  • Lavender Martini

Get the party started with this lavender martini. The only ingredients you will require are - a bottle of vodka, some freshly made lemon juice and of course, Nerd Bakery's Small Batch Classic Lavender Syrup. Mix one part of our lavender syrup with two parts of the fresh lemon juice and four parts of vodka into a cocktail shaker. Add some ice cubes and give it an energetic shake, and that is just it! Garnish using slices of lemon and dried lavender buds. Enjoy the fragrant summery lavender martini with your gang. 

  • Blueberry And Lavender Ice cream

Keeping in mind the trend of going vegan, we have included soaked cashews and coconut milk instead of the regular cow or goat milk for making this ice cream. Soak a couple of unsalted cashews for two hours. To a blender, add a can of coconut milk, soaked cashews, two cups of frozen blueberries, one to two tablespoons each of lemon juice and lemon zest, a few drops of vanilla essence and a little more than a half cup of our Small Batch Classic Lavender Syrup. Blend them all together, followed by freezing. You can also use an ice cream maker instead of a freezer. Now go ahead and place a scoop onto an ice cream cone and surprise your kids. 

  • Lavender Pound Cake

Got a brunch party coming up? Try this spring cake recipe that is more than just sweet. Beat eggs and sugar in a bowl to make a thick foamy paste. Sift flour and salt together. Add the flour into the eggs along with melted butter, vanilla essence and lemon zest. Give it a thorough mix after adding a couple of tablespoons of our Small Batch Classic Lavender Syrup. Bake for about 45 minutes in a preheated oven at 350 degrees. Glaze the top, bottom and sides of the cake with a generous amount of the syrup. 

  • Lavender Latte

Consider giving your regular coffee a fancy floral touch with this one of a kind lavender latte recipe. Brew your favorite coffee and pour it into your coffee mug. Add two tablespoons of our Small Batch Classic Lavender Syrup and stir well. Warm about half a cup of whole milk and use a blender or milk frother to form that luxurious lather. Now pour the frothy milk into the mug and sprinkle some dried lavender on top, Voila!

  • Strawberry and Lavender Smoothie

Hungry but late for work? We have you covered for that as well. Try out this fruity and herbaceous smoothie recipe that can be made in less than a minute. Pour about two cups of milk into a blender jar. To it, add one tablespoon each of honey and our Small Batch Classic Lavender Syrup, along with just a few drops of vanilla essence. Now drop in about two cups of fresh strawberries right out of the refrigerator. Blend them together to yield a delicious and rich creamy pink smoothie for you to gulp.

From savory pound cakes to thirst-quenching lemonades and martinis, to the fruity summer ice creams, the beautiful flavor of lavender is destined to impress your friends and colleagues with its fragrant and calming notes.

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