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Our Story

It all started in a small kitchen with a small mixer and a big dream.

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson catering an event for Nerd Bakery

Nerd Bakery was born from a passion for cooking, baking and a love of technology. Not a combination that you would think go together, but like many recipes , it’s the contrast that keeps everything interesting.

Founded by IT professional Carl Johnson, Nerd Bakery began when his family and friends kept asking for his famous – at least among Carl’s acquaintances – big chocolate chip cookies and amazing pies. It wasn’t long until he was taking orders on a Monday, baking after work during the week and delivering by the end of the week. Word spread, and soon Carl was taking 30 or more orders a week.
It was at this point he realized two things. First, people really did like his cookies, and second, this was becoming bigger than he could handle with just some after-work baking. So, Carl decided to take the next step and started Nerd Bakery. Of course, he also decided to stick to what he knows as well, so made it a bakery that embraces technology.

Now, embracing technology means Nerd Bakery is a very special bakery, with no brick and mortar store, we have an AI driven e-commerce site and use lean and agile supply chain processes normally found in larger bakeries. This all comes together nicely allowing you to get a fix of those famous – even beyond Carl’s friends these days – cookies whenever you want. 

From the start Nerd Bakery has been devoted to quality and responding to customer feedback and metrics. Our passion for baking shines in every bite, using the highest-quality ingredients and Carl’s fantastic ability to create incredible treats, we know that you will love our wonderful cookies, and other delicious treats.

Carl describes Nerd Bakery as “an unpretentious artisan bakery run by nerds who obsess over the quality of ingredients, making everything from scratch and a desire to use technology to improve processes in the bakery”. Our customers describe us as “that place with the great cookies”.

We like them both. 😊