Our Story

It just takes a vision to make it matter. Carl Johnson, an IT professional (and self declared nerd), decided to launch Nerd Bakery & Products in 2017 in Fairfax, Virginia. There were only two motivating factors in his endeavor. He had a dream and a conviction to make it come true. He wanted to revolutionize flavors and extracts to deliver the purest and highest quality ingredients to the customers.

Since then, we have dedicated our entire journey to building our range of syrups, concentrates and extracts. We expanded our ambition of being a successful bakery because evolution is growth. Our expertise lies in successfully avoiding artificial flavors and preservatives while maintaining taste and versatility. This inspired us to stay true to our mission of crafting the best flavors for our clients. Why? Because our customers deserve the best!

We eventually incorporated a product range that paved the way to modern innovations in the culinary industry. Now our faithful customers keep coming back to us time and again from all across the Caribbean and United States. We cater to businesses, restaurants, professional establishments and consumers who have a penchant for brilliance. Our product quality and the keenly chosen recipes have slowly built up a customer base that swears by our products.

Our small team of six experienced and enthusiastic staff dedicates each working day to developing radical extracts, offerings and coffees. We have discovered that our passion for baking and cooking is a recipe for amazing results. We always keep it interesting by coming up with new flavors. The only criterion is finding flavors that can suit the diverse tastes of our ever-growing customer base. Our success has been based on a foundation of good will and word-of-mouth recommendations. We promise that you won’t be disappointed once you try one of our products. Welcome to an amazing journey together!