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Starting on the right foot

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Starting on the right foot

Nerd Bakery’s goal is that 100% of its packaging is reusable or recyclable. This was an easy choice because we are new and really have not committed to a packaging vendor or a packaging design. Part of what makes us Nerd Bakery is not only because we obsess about ingredients, technology and process, but that we also look at the bigger picture.

We believe we should leave a very small carbon footprint on this planet and it starts with us taking responsibly for our waste. We also believe you should do things before you are forced or told. Recycle and Reusability laws are sweeping the world (as they should be) and we want to be ahead of the curve.


Purchasing packaging that are made from recyclable plastic and paper will cost us a little more, but we feel it’s worth it.

Sustainability is about choices and change. We would like you to join us in envisioning a sustainable world and always choose reusability whenever possible.

Thank you,

Carl aka Cookie Monster

Owner of Nerd Bakery

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